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Welcome to the home of FFG NBA 2K!

The FFG NBA 2K League is Delaware's premium NBA 2K League! 

Think you're up to the challenge?  Spring 2021 League play begins February 22, 2021!


Sign up here!

League Rules


CODE OF CONDUCT: The following rules constitute the League’s general Code of Conduct.  Any perceived breaches of the rules herein stated my result in disciplinary action.

  1. The League has a zero tolerance policy for all forms of harassment and discrimination.  This includes, but is not limited to, provocations of racism, sexism, homophobia, physical or mental ability, or any other applicable status or characteristic.

  2. Cheating will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  Any player suspected of a rules violation may be required to provide proof of innocence at the will of the Tournament Admins.  Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.  Furthermore, any evidence that shows signs of tampering will not be accepted.

  3. Participating in the League indicates tacit agreement in all rules herein stated.


ENFORCEMENT OF RULES: Futures First Gaming (FFG) is responsible for the enforcement of these rules for all participants without exception.  As such, FFG may authorize Tournament Admins to hand out penalties and judgement on behalf of the League.  FFG and its Admins are the ultimate authority on all disputes with respect to any portion of the following rules.


PUNISHMENTS FOR RULES VIOLATIONS: If FFG determines that any player has violated the Code of Conduct or any rules herein stated, FFG may take any of the following disciplinary actions:

  • Match restart

  • Match forfeiture

  • Public or private warning to player in question

  • Loss of all or part of prizing awarded to player in question

  • Disqualification from some or all future League associated events

  • Disqualification from some or all future FFG hosted or sponsored events

  • Etc.

FFG is the sole party responsible for determining appropriate punishments for all rules or conduct violations.  Repeated breaches of these terms may result in more severe punishments.



PLATFORM: The League will support play on XBOX ONE and PLAYSTATION.


SERIES LENGTH: Matches are played as a best of 1 in the regular season, best of 3 in the playoffs and grand finals.


LOBBY: Prior to the match, players should add each other as friends on their consoles. The home team or higher seed (playoffs) will create the lobby.  The following settings are to be used in official matches:

  • Connection: Play With Friends

  • Quarter Length: 5 Minutes

  • Game Mode: Private Match

  • Game Style: Simulation

  • Fatigue: On

  • Injuries: Off

  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame


STOPPAGE OF PLAY & DISCONNECTION: Players may not at any point use the pause feature during game play. Each team is afforded a certain number of times outs during the match.  A match can be reset if a player disconnects from a match as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The disconnection happens in the first 3 minutes of the First Quarter

  • The score difference is 15 or less

  • The player has not disconnected previously during the match

Any other disconnections or multiple disconnections will count as a loss for the disconnected player.


TEAM COMPOSITION: Only current teams may be used in official matches. The use of custom teams, all-star teams, all-time teams, and history teams are prohibited.


SCORE REPORTING: Players will be responsible for taking screenshots of the score and reporting them to tournament admins online in the official FFG discord.  Improperly reported scores will not be counted.

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